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Tolven provides a Health Analytics solution that enables all data stored in the Tolven Platform to be extracted or analyzed for statistical purposes.  The industry-standard technologies used by the Health Analytics solution are what allow aggregated data to be accessed within application, as well as for analysis and reporting.


With the Tolven Platform, clinical and administrative data aggregated from Tolven applications and other sources are organized for effortless analytics.   Data is securely stored in the Tolven Platform in the format in which it was either originally created by an application (e.g., a Templated Reference Information Model, or “TRIM”) or as it was received from a third-party system (e.g., a CCR, CDA, CDD document or standardized message); the Tolven Platform also provides full audit capabilities.


Once the original submission is securely stored in the Tolven Platform, data is extracted from the original format(s) and stored in relational database tables.  These tables provide rapid access both within applications developed on Tolven and for analytical purposes.


Tolven provides “out-of-the-box” functionality to extract data from the Tolven platform as Common Separated Values (CSV) -as well as  XML- and SQL. Once extracted, the clinical and administrative data can be analyzed using standard tools such as Excel, Pentaho and other business intelligence tools.


In addition to providing a mechanism for extracting data for secondary analysis, the Tolven electronic Clinician Health Record also provides a clinician, care provider, clinical researcher, or administrator with the appropriate security access to analytical portals that graphically display the status of certain criteria. 


The Health Analytics solution comes pre-configured with some specific examples of the analytic requirements for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act requirements for “Meaningful Use,” such as the percent of diabetic patients with A1C under control.  



Rely on the Tolven support team to help resolve problems during any stage of your application development lifecycle, deployment or implementation.