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Architecture Briefs


Web Browser

The primary mechanism for user interaction is the web browser. This approach facilitates a zero footprint client to minimize administration, upgrade, support cost and impact.

Using AJAX technology where possible provides a superior user experience. For example, whole-page-re-displays are minimized. User context is maintained where possible.

Web Server (Servlet)

The web server component uses Java server Faces and Facelets to provide page construction and page templates. Page flow is externalized into Faces configuration files. All behavior, including database and LDAP access, is encapsulated in the application component (see below).

Application Server (behavior)

The application server is built within the Enterprise Java Beans framework. It handles requests from the web server and from external and third-party connections established via web services, RMI or JMS connections.

All code in the application tier is abstracted from the database tier so that different databases can be plugged in.


Tolven uses PostgreSQL as the default database (Tolven has no direct dependence on postgreSQL). The database provides storage for structured documents, index data, vocabulary and application metadata. It is also used for intermediate storage of queued JMS message traffic.


The LDAP server holds user identity and demographic information. LDAP is used by the application server to authenticate users. While LDAP can be configured to use any database, Tolven by default configures LDAP with a separate database for security purposes, and in recognition that LDAP servers often already exist in many enterprises.

3rd Party

Third party components typically communicate with Tolven via web services or other remote protocols. In this way, Tolven can participate as an end point in Service Oriented Architectures to provide clinical and patient data repository services.


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