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Products and Services

Tolven is focused on delivering the following products:

An electronic Personal Health Record solution (ePHR) that will enable consumers to record and selectively share healthcare information about themselves and their loved ones in a secure manner.

An electronic Clinician Health Record solutions (eCHR) that enables physicians and other healthcare providers to securely access healthcare information collated from any number of trusted sources relating to an individual patient in a structured and easily accessible way.

A Healthcare Information Platform that enables healthcare data to be stored in an industry standard data schema (e.g., HL7 Reference Information Model) as normalized data (e.g., Unified Medical Language System) and provisioned to either Tolven or third party applications in a semantically interoperable fashion

Tolven provides a Health Analytics solution that enables all data stored in the Tolven Platform to be extracted or analyzed for statistical purposes.  The industry-standard technologies used by the Health Analytics solution are what allow aggregated data to be accessed within application, as well as for analysis and reporting.


About Tolven's Open Source Platform and Applications:

The adoption of the Tolven open source platform and applications now extends beyond the US into European and Asia-Pacific. Tolven’s partners now include independent software vendors, system integrators, academic medical centers, as well as clinical research and pharmaceutical companies. 

Tolven’s rapid adoption is a direct reflection of the quality and breadth of the products and services that have been introduced over the last three years.  Tolven’s Release Candidate 1.0 (RC1) is available to the open source community via  Tolven's platform and application framework provides a comprehensive suite of technical and application services that can be used to deploy affordable, standards-based healthcare and life sciences solutions. 

Launched in early 2009, Tolven RC1 represented the formal initiation of the “Tolven Plug-In Framework” (TPF).  The TPF enables new and innovative solutions to be rapidly developed by Tolven and its partners for the healthcare and life sciences market; the TPF enables solutions to be developed and deployed independently of the core Tolven platform and applications.  Thus the development, deployment and management of Tolven or third party solutions based on the TPF are now simpler and more cost-effective.

At the application level, Tolven supports a number of new features, including "Favorite Lists" for accounts and individual users, as well as Tolven Plug-Ins for the passing of CCR and CDA documents.

In the coming months, Tolven will launch a Health Application Exchange (HAE) through which Tolven and partner applications for the web, mobile devices and cell phones will be available for download.  This innovation will make interoperable solutions available to the Tolven community from multiple vendors.

The latest release of the Tolven platform, Tolven Plug-In Framework and applications was the culmination of a 3.5 year program to implement health, life science and technology standards in a secure and scalable architecture for the global market.   Tolven RC1 lays the foundation for affordable, standards-based health and life sciences solutions across the healthcare spectrum.   It positions Tolven for extraordinary success in the US domestic and international marketplaces.  To evidence the international applicability of the Tolven solutions, the latest release utilizes resource bundles to provide application translation in many languages, including the ability to support Traditional Chinese and Arabic character sets.


Comprehensive support services for the Tolven platform and applications are available through

Additionally, Tolven provides custom services, a recent example of which is a collaboration with the University of California, San Francisco on a California HealthCare Foundation supported grant entitled "A Customized Care Plan for Breast Cancer" (Laura Esserman, M.D., M.B.A., Principal Investigator).


Neil Cowles, Tolven CEO (center) pictured with Elly Cohen (left) and Susil Rayamaji of the Center for Excellence for Breast Cancer Care at the University of California, San Francisco


This UCSF-Tolven team will design an application that builds a customized care plan for patients diagnosed with breast cancer. Intended to increase their capacity to play a larger, more productive role in their care, the applications enables patients to know more about disease specifics, which treatment they are getting and why, and what is supposed to happen next. This information can be shared with providers and caregivers and play a critical role in consolidating and coordinating care. It also will enable patients to better structure their lives, work and family around the interruption that cancer diagnosis and treatment brings. Finally, the application will help patients tailor searches and find the most appropriate decision-support tools available on the internet.


Rely on the Tolven support team to help resolve problems during any stage of your application development lifecycle, deployment or implementation.